2013-01-12 11:23:47 by SteelMullet

Heys guys! So I want to upload a new Rose Love page to NG right? But every time I get the submit page ready and click "submit" I get sent to this blank page with #!user/bin/local/create php something or some crap. I tired it in firefox, and safari, deleted my cache, tried again but to no avail. I seriously can' t upload anything today! I'm hoping it will be fixed soon.

So yeah, I will have a new Rose Love page for you guys as soon as the art portal submission is fixed. Anyone else having this issue? Maybe you know how to fix it? I dunno, but leaves some comments if you feel like it.


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2013-01-12 14:04:04

Try clearing your cache.

SteelMullet responds:

I tried that earlier but it didn't work. That was a bit ago though, perhaps it's all good now. I'll wait a bit longer and try again.


2013-01-12 16:09:13

oops, never mind. It's a site glitch. A bug report has been filed and hopefully they'll get it fixed soon. You can watch this topic for updates:

SteelMullet responds:



2013-01-12 17:24:58

If ReNaeNae is on the case, the staff will jump to, no problem!