Rose Love Cover Art by MissNips!

2013-04-07 06:48:39 by SteelMullet

ROSE LOVE Chapter 1 - Cover page by Missnips

Hey guys, I have a chapter 01 cover page now! Done by the ever awesome MissNips just for the comic. ^_^ It's a full color piece starring Lisa and her steaming hot mother having one of their...shall we say, sexual encounters. Haha. It's super sexy, so if you wanna take a peak head on over to my website RMSCOMICS.COM

A Little Incentive:

You will not, I repeat, not find any doujinshi like ROSE LOVE on the net or anywhere. What I tend to focus on will be the start of something new in adult comics! But don't take my word, see for yourself! RMSCOMICS.COM

A little about the comic:

Rose Love is the newest anal focused lesbian doujinshi by Steelmullet, that's me! If you like lesbians or have an anal fetish, or both, check out the latest page of Rose Love! Also, pass my site along and share, share, share! ^__^ Warning, Rose Love features extreme anal fetish content. Adults onleh!


ROSE LOVE (c) Steelmullet 2013

Rose Love Cover Art by MissNips!


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